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Solver LS



Solver LS is a cutting-edge solution not only for scientific research, but also for production monitoring. With this sophisticated tool you can investigate and control samples (wafers) with the size up to 250mm (300mm optional) in diameter and 15mm thick. The motorized positioning stage and optical viewing system, which are included in Solver LS, allow you to choose any place visually and define a number of areas in different parts of the sample to be scanned automatically. Due to a great number of features Solver LS is abundantly given, the range of application is almost endless.

Product Features

  • Thanks to software adjustment of operational modes and functional scheme of the unit, electrical circuit switching can be done without program re-installation.
  • The option to save settings in different files allows the user to employ almost all modern methods of scanning probe microscopy.
  • An experienced user can develop and implement his or her own techniques including multipass ones.



Sample Size

Up to 250 mm (300 mm optional) in diameter, up to 15 mm thick


50x50x2.5 μm (±10%)

Sample Holders

Vacuum sample holder for CD/DVD discs, stampers and glass master discs; universal vacuum sample holder for semiconductor wafers (50 - 150 mm) (250 mm optional), CD/DVD stampers, HDD and small samples (min. size is 10mm in diameter)

SPM Heads


Motorized Positioner

Linear and rotary translation stages;
linear resolution - 2μm;
bidirectional repeatability - 1μm;
angular resolution - 0.002 degree;
angular repeatability - 0.0014 degree


50 pA - 10 nA (linear range), RMS noise 4 pA in 1 kHz bandwidth
10 nA - 10 mA (log range)

Bias Voltage

±10 V

Optical viewing system

Resolution: 1.5μm
Magnification: with color CCD on 14" monitor 207- 2070
Field of view: max 1.2x0.9 mm, min 120x90 μm
Motorized focus and zoom, control unit
Color CCD camera (SONY SSC-DC50AP 1/2" CCD, 470 TVL), color monitor 14" (SONY SSM- 14N5E horizontal resolution 500 TVL).

Control system

SPM Controller

Vibration Isolation

Passive isolation is integrated.
Active anti-vibration system is available by request.

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