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Solver HV




Product Features

 Solver HV is intended for work in high vacuum conditions and controllable gas medium. Measuring head Smena HV is designed by vacuum technology using vacuum compatible materials. The case of the head is without covering. Its wires have no braid and sockets are metallized. To decrease the thermal drift, Smena HV is supplied with a preamplifier with reduced thermal emission and the temperature compensators are installed. Smena HV is supplied with the special motorized approach leg to provide approaching of the probe to the researched sample. It is based of the stepper motor intended for work in conditions of high vacuum. Smena HV head is set to the vacuum chamber on the stage. The stage is supplied with special handles for more comfortable setting and taking out the head with the stage from the vacuum chamber. It is possible to work with measuring head Smena HV in room conditions, as with usual Smena head. For this purpose the scanning unit of Smena HV is connected with SPM Controller directly passing the vacuum chamber using the enclosed extension cord.

Measuring modes

Contact AFM/ LFM/ ResonantMode (semicontact + noncontact AFM)/ Phase Imaging/ Force Modulation (viscoelastisity)/ MFM/ EFM/ Adhesion Force Imaging/Scanning Capacitance microscopy (SCM)/Scanning Kelvin probe microscopy(SKM)/Spreading Resistance Imaging (SRI)/ RM Lithography/AFM


Vacuum value

10-7 torr


Combination of Rotary and Turbo molecular pumps

Pump speed

340 l/sec (depends on modification of turbopump in use)

Environment control

Possibility to treat sample surface by plasma; use of non-aggressive gases (such as O2, H2, etc.)

Sample size


Scan range

100x100x4 μm, 50x50x2.5 μm


Atomic steps resolution

Optical microscope

Available for AFM

Temperature range

Cooling: helium down to 50K, nitrogen down to 110K
Heating: up to 150°C


Measuring module realized as a separate flange module

Magnetic field

800Oe – 10"; 500Oe -30"

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