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SK-XD Inverted Microscope
Product Features
  • Infinity achromatic color corrected optical system
  • Long working distance objective, great image
  • Ergonomics physical design for observation of cell structure
  • Good radiant and anti-fungus system

The XD series inverted biological microscope, With the long working distance infinite plan achromatic objective, XD get flat and clear image, Long working distance condenser has capacity to use revolution bottle and suit for various sample containers. XD emphasize stability and security. Well designed body structure, durable, high resistance of vibration. XD can fulfill various microscope examinations such as bright field, phase contrast, Fluorescent etc. application of high contrast and low chromatic phase contrast observation, access to detailed examination of internal structure of the cells.
XD The Professionally inverted microscope design for observing the cultivation of cell

Seidentopf Binocular /Trinocular Head inclined at 45°,
Interpupillary Range 54mm-75mm, one eyepiece tube with diopter adjustment
Pair of PL10X/22 , FN22mm wide-field high eye-point Plan eyepiece with 1 pointer
Reversed quintuple nosepiece with Infinity long working distance Plan Achromatic objective
LWDPL4X(NA0.1)WD22, LWDPL10X(NA0.25)WD7.9, LWDPL20X(NA0.40)WD7.66, LWDPL40X(NA0.60)WD3.71, LWDPL60X(NA0.70)WD2.5
Coaxial focus system with tension adjustable, Coarse focusing scope is 38mm
with upper limit and tightness adjustment, fine adjustment precision: 0.002 mm
Mechanical Stage with coaxial drive control
Size: 160mm X 250mm platform, glass stage/metal stage, extension plate, move range 120x78 mm
NA 0.3 condenser, WD 72mm, dismountable..
Kohler illuminator 90V-240V wide Voltage, 6V30W halogen, center and focus adjustable, intensity adjustable control.
Phase contrast objective system, specimen holder, filter, fluorescence system, CTV adaptor , etc.

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