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Product Features

  • New Shear Force head design offers:
        - 100x100x10 um scan range
       - High scanning llinearity owing to integrated  
    position sensors
        - Easy-to use Reflection mode realization
  • The integrating of the inverted microscope objective into the central base becouse of high mechanical rigidity provides stability of the system making quality images and long-term experiments possible.
  • Reflection and Transmission modes are available.


    Scanning Near-Field Microscopy

    Shear Force Microscopy / SNOM reflection, transmission, luminescence (optional)/ any AFM modes are available optionally


    Laser module


    441, 488, 514, 532, 633 nm

    Coupling unit

    X-Y-Z positioner, positioning accuracy 1 um

    V-groove fiber holder

    Coupling 40X objective

    Shear Force Imaging

    Sample size

    Up to 100 mm in diameter,
    up to 15 mm in height

    XY sample positioning range

    5x5 mm

    Sample positioning accuracy

    Readable resolution-5 um
    Sensitivity-2 um

    Closed-loop operation

    Capacitive sensors for 3 axes

    Scan range

    Scanning by sample

    100x100x25 um

    Scanning by probe

    100x100x7 um

    Non-linearity, XY

    Scanning by sample

    0.03 % (typically)

    Scanning by probe

    < 0.15 %

    Noise level, Z

    Scanning by sample

    < 0.2 nm (typically)

    Scanning by probe

    0.04 nm (typically), ≤ 0.06 nm

    Noise level, XY

    Scanning by sample

    < 0.5 nm (typically)

    Scanning by probe

    0.2 nm (typically), ≤ 0.3 nm

    Quartz tuning fork base frequency

    190 kHz

    Optical fiber diameter

    90 um (for 480-550 nm), 125 um (for 600-680 nm)

    Aperture diameter

    < 100 nm

    Channels for simultaneous registration



    PMT detectors (for each channel)

    Spectral response

    185-850 nm

    Sensitivity at 420 nm

    3x1010 V/W

    Current-voltage conversion amplifier (built-in)


    Frequency band width


    High voltage power supply


    Vibration isolation


    0.7-1000 Hz


    Above 1 kHz

    * 488 nm laser is included as a default; other lasers can be supplied optionally

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