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Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM) is one of a number of types of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). This is very powerful modern technique for surface investigation, which can provide the resolution about 50 nm. This resolution is much better than the max. standard optical resolution (500 nm) due to so-called near-field effect. The main idea of SNOM is to measure the light intensity within the distance about 10 nm (much smaller than the wavelength of light) from the sample with the very diminutive probe (sharpened optical fiber tip). This method allows to obtain data of optical properties of the sample surface, to make nanolithograthy, to measure local spectrum on the surface (e.g. quantum dots spectrum), to control the quality of optical surfaces (e.g. mirrors, lens, prisms, splitters etc.), to measure local fluorescence, to obtain the distribution map of light intensity on semiconductor samples. Solver SNOM system is based on inverted optical microscope and with additional measuring heads is easily transformed to Solver BIO model that is widely used for biological applications.

Product Features

  • Multi-purpose instrument: SNOM, Shear Force, AFM, STM;
  • SNOM Modes: Reflection, Transmission (to be supplied with inverted optical microscope Olympus IX-70 (IX-50) or Biolam-P);
  • Scan range: 80x80x4m; - Feedback control: non optical Shear Force scheme;
  • Resolution: <100nm; - Inverted Optical Microscope: Olympus IX-70, 50 or Biolam-P; Complete modular design.

SNOM Operation

Reflection (probe induces the light on the surface, special objective Reflection Mode with the use of inverted microscope optical scheme), Transmission, Shear Force


PMT (Hamamatsu)


532 nm, 10 mW;
Multi line: 514nm/55mW, 488nm/55mW, 476nm/7mW, 465nm/7mW, 457nm/5mW , 150mW;
Semiconductor Extra input for external laser

Scan type

By Probe

X,Y sample positioning

30x30mm (within 30mm circle)

Fine tip positioning

4x4mm with 5um resolution

Sample Substrate

Coverslips, standard slides and other flat samples up to 75x25mm
Petri dishes 35-45mm and 55-60mm

Inverted Optical Microscope

Own optical scheme for Olympus IX-70(50), Biolam-P (optional)


Red and Green, aperture < 100nm

Control System

SPM Controller

Vibration Isolation

Passive isolation is integrated
Active anti-vibration system is available by request

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