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For many applications it is essential to analyze specimen magnetic properties in a variable external magnetic field by magnetic force microscopy (MFM) in the nanometer scale. For this NT-MDT has launched the new enhancement to its range of atomic force microscopes (AFM) which delivers the complete solution for observation of magnetization reversal processes and other phenomena that depend on magnetic field in the range up to 2 kGauss (0,2 Tesla).

Early experiments include in-situ observations of the domain structure changes of permalloy rectangles, demagnetization process of a hard drive disk, magnetization reversal of a cobalt pattern, variation of anisotropy field across the yttrium iron garnet film thickness etc. You can find more information here.

Product Features

As compared to other models, Solver MFM features all metallic parts of the measuring head and the landing and scanning unit made of non-magnetic materials. This prevents the movement of the probe when switched on or off as well as at the moment the orientation of the magnetic field is modified.

Solver MFM is equipped with the magnetic field generator, creating a magnetic field. The electromagnet is cooled by a water cooling system. The system consists of a liquid thermostat and water cooling hoses.



Sample Size

Up to 21x3 mm or 21x100x3mm;
Optional: 21x10 mm or 21x100x10mm
Note: The maximum sample size can be either up to 100x20mm, if the electromagnet is not used, or unlimited if the measuring head is used as a stand alone device.


100x100x5 um (±10%);
50x50x2.5 um (±10%);
150x150x7.5 um (±10%) – operating in the DualScan mode (in the combined scanning-tip and scanningsample).

Min. Scanning Step

0.0012 nm; 0.006 nm; 0.0072 nm

External electromagnet

Magnetic field

0,2 T (plus-minus) in the probe-sample interface area during the scanning process. The magnetic field is directed along a sample surface.

Magnet pole gap


Water cooling

Water thermostat with temperature control in the range 10 – 300 °C.

Hall device (magnetic field measurement)

Optical viewing system

Resolution 3 μm
Numerical aperture 0.1 μm
Magnification from 58x to 578x
Field of view from 2 to 0.51 mm

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