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Product Features

  • The universal PNL platform provides the possibility to integrate scanning confocal scheme in combination with regular AFM and spectrometer to detect Raman scattering spectrum. This spectra may then be interpreted into complex information concerning chemical composition of the object.
  • Substantially extending optical microscope and AFM possibilities laser equipped system would be indispensable in environmental sciences, material sciences, living cell investigations.


    Confocal Microscopy

    Optical module

    Inverted or upright microscope direct viewing system

    Housing with VIS optics (390-800nm)

    Polarizer in illuminator channel with Glan-Taylor prism 390-1000nm – manual

    Polarizer in detection channel with Glan-Taylor prism 390-1000nm – motorized

    1/2 wave plate, motorized – 3 position

    Beam splitter

    Evanescent excitation option (for TERS)

    Optical resolution





    Scanning module

    Sample weight

    Up to 1000g

    Scanning range

    100x100x25 um

    Closed-loop operation

    Capacitive sensors for 3 axes

    Non-linearity, XY

    0.03 % (typically)

    Noise level, Z

    < 0.2 nm (typically)

    Noise level, XY

    < 0.5 nm (typically)


    Variable from 0 to 1,5 mm, step size 0,5 um

    Note that the sample for confocal microscopy can be either transparent or not and can be observed in air as well as in liquid environment.


    Spectrometer focal length

    520 mm

    Laser wavelength*

    441, 488, 514, 532, 633 nm

    Stray light rejection

    10-5 measured at 20 nm from 632 laser line

    Flat field

    28 mm x 10 mm

    Spectral resolution

    0.025 nm (1200 l/mm grating**)


    1 input, 2 output

    Grating mounts

    4-position turret (3 gratings+mirror for "direct imaging" mode)



    Spectral response 200–1000 nm, thermoelectric cooling down to –80°C, 95 % quantum efficiency at 500 nm

    Avalanche photodiode for photon counting***

    Spectral response 400–1000 nm, dark counts = 25 counts/sec, supplied with PCI board with 1 GHz counting speed

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