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Ntega Aura




Product Features

  • NTEGRA Aura allows measurements in low vacuum environment – 10-2 torr with the following advantages. Due to a cantilever Q-factor increase measurements are more sensitive, and they are possible without bad influence of surface adsorbate.
  • Additional possibilities are provided by a temperature table with sample heating up to 300 °C and the accuracy of temperature maintenance 0.05 °C.
  • Measurements in a controlled gas atmosphere are possible as well.



Scanning probe Microscopy

STM/ AFM (contact + semi-contact + non-contact) / Lateral Force Microscopy / Phase Imaging/Force Modulation/ Adhesion Force Imaging/ Magnetic Force Microscopy/ Electrostatic Force Microscopy/ Scanning Capacitance Microscopy/ Kelvin Probe Microscopy/ Spreading Resistance Imaging/ Lithography: AFM (Force and Current), STM


Scan type

Scanning by sample

Scanning by probe*

Sample size

Up to 40 mm in diameter, to 15 mm in height

Up to 100 mm in diameter, up to 15 mm in height

Sample weight

Up to 100 g

Up to 300 g

XY sample positiniong range

5x5 mm

Positioning resolution

Readable resolution -5 um
Sensitivity -2 um

Scan range

100x100x10 um
3x3x2,6 um

100x100x10 um
50x50x5 um

Up to 150x150x15 um**(DualScan™mode)

Non linearity, XY
(with closed loop sensors)

≤ 0.1%

≤ 0.15%

Noise level, Z
(RMS in bandwidth 1000Hz)

With sensors

0.04 nm (typically),
≤ 0.06 nm

0.06 nm (typically),
≤ 0.07 nm

Without sensors

0.03 nm

0.05 nm

Noise level, XY*** 0.2 nm
(RMS in bandwidth 200Hz)

With sensors

0.2 nm (typically),
≤ 03 nm (XY 100 um)

0.1 nm (typically),
≤ 0.2 nm

Without sensors

0.02 nm (XY 100 um),
0.001 nm (XY 3 um)

0.01 nm

Closed-Loop Equivalent™

Noise level, XY
(RMS in bandwidth 200Hz)

0.012 nm (XY 3 um)

Noise level, Z
(RMS in bandwidth 1000 Hz)

0.02 nm

Zoom accuracy

5% typically

Optical viewing system

Optical resolution

1 um

3 um

Field of view

4.5 - 0.4 mm

2.0 - 0.4 mm

Continuous zoom



Temperature control


From RT to +150°C


±0.005°C (typically), ≤ ±0.01°C

Vacuum system



Vibration isolation


0.7-1000 Hz


Above 1 kHz

• Scanning head can be configured to serve as a stand-alone device for specimens of unlimited sizes.
** Optionally can be expanded to 200x200x20 m.
*** Built-in capacitive sensors have extremely low noise and any area down to 50x50 nm can be scanned with closed-loop control.

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