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Zoom Lens



Product Features

  • In focus and non-flash in zoom course
  • The range of objective zoom magnification: 0.7X ~ 4.5X
  • The measurement to match between the support and the main body:35mm, add the connecting ring is 45mm
  • 0.5X ~ 1X standard outfits CCD adapters to be selected
  • Adjusting LED ring illuminators and kinds of stands to be selected(CCD is selected to buy)

SKL0745 miniature zoom monocular video microscope systems, are characterized by unique optical system, precise machinery appearance, sharp micro image. It can be used in electric equipments, semiconductor, LCD, LED etc for observing digital images, checking-up and survey. We can observe different objects with each LED illumination.




CCD adapter



Optical magnification

0.35X ~ 2.25X

0.7X ~ 4.5X

Field of video(mm)

10.3X13.7 ~ 1.6X2.13

5.14X6.86 ~ 0.8X1.07

Working distance(mm)


Magnification range of zoom body 0.7X ~ 4.5X

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