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  SDM-210,SDM-210-L   Metallurgical  Microscope




Product Features

The erect trinocular, easy-to-use type metallurgical microscope


Tube Length



 HWF10x(F.no18), HWF15x(F.no12)

Objective Lens (W.D.)

 Din type DM5x(19), DM10x(7.52), DM20x(2.2), DM40x(0.65), DM Plan 100x dry(0.45)

Siedentopf Head

 Binocular, trinocular w/c.mount for TV, light-path changeable system, 30°inclined 360°
 rotatable, 55 ~ 75mm interpupillary distance, dioptric adjustment


 50x ~ 1500x (25x ~ 2000x as per option)


 Roller guide system, coaxial coarse & fine focusing knobs, coarse& fine focusing range
 50mm, per rotation 0.6mm, 1div 0.003mm

Mechanical Stage

 170 x 126mm, cross movement mechanical stage with coaxial handle low position, the stroke
 range of Y50mm X75mm


 Quintuple nosepieces

Vertical Illuminator

 Vertical coaxial reflector, w/field & aperture diaphragm, green filter, centerable
 socket,6V20W halogen lamp,base with built-in transformer, A.C volt100v, 115v, 220-240v

Condenser Lens for transmitted illumination

 Condenser by means of spiral motion mechanism w/aperture stop (Iris diaphragm) & blue 

Transmitted Illumination

 Base w/built-in illuminator w/light controller, filter, 6v20w halogen lamp, base w/built in
 transformer, A.C volt 100v, 115v, 220-240v


 500(H) x 250(D) x 200(W) mm

Net Weight

 About 10.0 kg


 HWF5X&WF20X Eyepiece, F20-W :White frost filter, F20-CM500S:Infrared
 rays cut  filter, PLZ:Polarizer set, H.W.F10XDA adjustment eyepiece ,
 S32:Cross, S34: 10mm1/100, S50:10mm1/100 Cross, S64:Reticle10x10mm

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